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Holy Family Cemetery

Holy Family Cemetery is a place of beauty...

The trees, the fountains, the works of art at Holy Family Cemetery all serve to calm the soul and lift the spirit. Holy Family's beautifully landscaped grounds and its impeccable perpetual care make it an attractive choice for anyone choosing a burial place for themselves or their loved ones.

Families from throughout the community have chosen Holy Family for its superb facilities and the personal, caring service of the Holy Family staff. Holy Family is a non-denominational cemetery, and everyone is welcome.

Because of Holy Family's beauty and the quality of its facilities, some find it surprising that Holy Family is truly affordable, costing less than most other cemeteries in the area.

Along with peace of mind, Holy Family gives you choices of burial type to match your personal wishes. Three kinds of burial are available:

The Garden Mausoleum offers above-ground burial in a stately mausoleum surrounded by lovely gardens offers above-ground burial in a stately mausoleum surrounded by lovely gardens.

Holy Family offers traditional ground and tomb burial in attractive, well-maintained surroundings. In addition, many types of cremation memorials are available in attractive, well-maintained surroundings. In addition, many types of cremation memorials are available.

Whatever your choice of burial option, Holy Family serves you and your family fully and completely. Each burial plan includes the burial space and perpetual care. Cemetery services may be held in the indoor chapel in the main mausoleum which is air conditioned and heated for year round comfort.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph

Holy Family's Advantages...

The advantages are easy to see, but one significant question remains: When do you want to make arrangements for your burial and that of your spouse, parent or loved one? The easy time is now; the difficult time is at the time of death.

It makes sense to take the opportunity to make burial plans now, before you actually need them. Consider: When you die, who will make the decisions about your burial?

How will they know exactly what you wanted, or where you wish to be buried? Will they make the best decisions in time of grief? How will they pay for your funeral and burial expenses?

There is a way to answer all these questions and provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones. You can pre-arrange your burial right now at Holy Family Cemetery. Your choices, your instructions, your wishes - everything can be arranged and paid for in advance so there will be no need for painful decisions after you are gone.

These "pre-need" arrangements spare your loved ones the anguish of handling details and financial arrangements in a time of grief. Many cemeteries usually require payment in advance, and insurance money is often needed to pay medical bills or other expenses.

By taking care of burial arrangements in advance, you can lock in today's prices and prevent your family from additional grief and possible overspending in a time of stress.

There are so many difficult decisions to be made when a loved one passes away. Pre-need arrangements will help your family through one of the most trying times they will ever face.

~ Planning ahead makes these choices easier ~

Many people are not familiar with the decisions that must be made when a loved one dies. Here is a brief summary of the choices that the family faces:

  • The Funeral Home: A good reputation, a personal recommendation from a trusted friend, a helpful staff that will make you feel comfortable and at ease - all of these can help you choose a funeral home that will meet your needs. The funeral home can assist with many details of the funeral, such as the casket and the services.
  • The Services: Services are planned according to personal wishes. Services can include visitation, prayer services, the funeral service itself, and the burial, or cemetery service.
  • The Cemetery: A cemetery is a place where the living will honor the memory of their loved one. The choice should take into consideration the cemetery's reputation as well as the quality of the facilities.
  • The Type of Burial: At Holy Family, you have a choice of garden mausoleum, tomb, or ground burial. For ground burial, vaults (which protect the casket), bronze memorials and interment services (opening and closing) are included. Cremation options are also available.

Holy Family Cemetery Mausoleum

Holy Family Cemetery New Garden MausoleumWe are pleased to announce that plans have been finalized with American Cemetery Consultants to build a new garden style mausoleum for Holy Family Cemetery. This project has the approval of His Excellency, the Most Reverend J. Douglas Deshotel, D.D., Bishop of Lafayette. With this new project comes several items of note:

  • Family Planning: At the time of need many decisions must be made for burial arrangements. Not knowing a loved ones' wishes at a time of stress can lead to indecision and overspending. Making arrangements today with your family will bring security and peace of mind.
  • Durability and Beauty: The beauty of this mausoleum will offer security and strength with poured-in-place, steel reinforced concrete walls and floors with an exterior fascia of stone. Each crypt in the structure will be a dry, sealed chamber and have a beautiful granite shutter.

Consultants from American Cemetery Consultants, LLC will begin contacting families in the New Iberia area soon to discuss the interest in the project. Crypts will be sold on a first come basis. If you have not received a brochure I the mail concerning this project, please call (337) 376-0565 for more information or to request a brochure.