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The Spirit is stirring at St. Peter’s and I wanted to let you know what’s going on with our Youth Ministry projects!!

Youth Ministry Kickoff – Aug 26th, 11am-2pm, New Iberia City Park!

Children’s Church update!

Ann-Carol Indest and Angela Cestia have been busy getting Children’s Church ready! They have been looking at different workbooks and trying to find the best one to use. The Parish Hall Conference Room is where this will be held. This ministry, along with the Babysitting Ministry, will take place at the 11 am Mass.

Babysitting update!

Mary Kay Snellgrove has been busy planning the babysitting room! The Parish Hall Youth Ministry office is where this will be held. The room is in the process of being cleared out and will be painted on August 11. She is in contact with other churches that have this already in place and using that to help us come up with our babysitting guidance/policy.

Kick Ball & Kick Back Family Day

Settle or Soar: Evangelization (Part 5 of 6)

This week we will look at the habit of evangelization, the fourth sign of a “Dynamic Catholic” (The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic p. 37). Imagine that there is young couple sitting at a small, round table in a restaurant. Soon after they sit down, the waiter picks up one of their water glasses and begins to pour water into the glass from a large pitcher. The inexperienced waiter isn’t aware of what he is doing and soon continues to pour water into the already full glass. Ice cold water begins to overflow out of the glass and spills onto the tile floor of the restaurant. I think this image of an overflowing glass helps us to visualize evangelization. Through the first two habits of prayer and study, we allow God to fill us with his truth, goodness, and beauty. As Christians we come to a point in our relationship with the Lord when, like the glass, we receive more than we can contain ourselves and our relationship with Jesus Christ spills out into every area of our lives.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s look at what evangelization is. We might define evangelization as simply sharing the good news about “God [who] so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him might not perish but might have eternal life (NABRE John 3:16).

It seems to me that many of us already have the skills needed to evangelize. For example, some time ago, I was visiting home and we were visiting with a neighbor of ours who had moved away. After a time, he began to tell us about his new oil-less fryer. He told about his personal experience with the oil-less fryer, how it benefitted his life, and how he enjoyed using it. This man knew how to tell the good news of his oil-less fryer, and he was demonstrating his natural ability to evangelize.

I invite you to examine your own life to see if you have ever told someone else the good news about something. Perhaps you told someone about a television show you enjoyed, your favorite hair salon, or some product or gadget that made your life better in some way. I think we might find that we already know how to evangelize, to share the good news. We know how to tell others about an encounter or an experience that has impacted our lives in a positive way. But we need to be open to the call of the Holy Spirt so that we can intentionally respond to opportunities to share the ultimate good news, the good news of the loving God who died for our sins and desires to draw all people into a life giving relationship with him through His Church.

In the words of Mathew Kelly, I would like to invite you to “Try to do one thing each week to share the faith with someone who crosses your path” (The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic p. 187). This doesn’t have to be intimidating, complicated, or difficult. Simply ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and step out in faith. Here are a few practical ideas on how to do this: share with others your story of how God has worked in your life, invite others to Catholic events, such as the upcoming Fall Fest, ask other people if you can pray with them about anything, share words of hope and a Christian perspective in conversation, buy and share books from or, and tell others of how your relationship with Jesus Christ has benefited you or transformed your life in a positive way (The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic p. 187).

As Christians, God calls us to be like overflowing glasses. Through our encounter with the Lord in prayer and in study, we are filled with faith, hope, and love and hearts quickly begin to overflow. This week, I invite each of us to begin or deepen a personal habit of evangelization so that we can more intentionally share the good news of our encounter and relationship with Jesus Christ with others so that we can more fully play our role in the salvation of the world.

Written by Jace Gyles, Seminarian

Holy Father's Intention

​Intention for August

That artists of our time, through their ingenuity, may help everyone discover the beauty of creation.


Mother & Daughter Breakfast

Mother and Daughter Breakfast

100th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima

Our Lady of Fatima 100th Anniversary

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Blood Drive

Blood Drive

Thank You!

As the summer draws to a close, our seminarian Jace Gyles will be returning to Seminary to continue his formation for the Holy Priesthood. We thank him for all his work during his time with us here at St. Peter’s. As Jace embarks on his upcoming year of seminary formation, we assist him with our prayer. If you would like to send notes of encouragement or gifts, please send them to the address below:

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