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A Stewardship Prayer for the New Year

A Stewardship Prayer for the New Year

Loving and merciful God, You are the Lord of new beginnings. You sent us Your Son so that we may begin anew and enjoy new life in Your Spirit.

We ask you to bless this new year, to guide and direct our plans, and to show us how to find the resources necessary to carry out these plans. Give us the wisdom to take advantage of opportunities we may have to help and serve others, to bring peace to the hearts of those who are troubled, and hope to those who suffer.

Help us approach this new year as good stewards of your abundant gifts, with an awareness of your daily presence, and the obedient spirit we need to be your faithful servants. We ask this in Jesus’ name.



Memorials & Personal Intentions - Votive Candles

Votive CandlesVotive Candles are available for memorials and personal intentions throughout the Church. Prices and locations are as follows:

Candles on St. Joseph’s Altar are perpetual candles and burn for one year for memorial and personal intentions. The cost of these candles is now $260.00. The increase is due to the fact that the $115.00 did not cover the actual cost of these candles for the year.

The votive candles on the Blessed Mother’s Altar are $5.00 for the seven-day candles.

The votive candles in the Baptistery are for St. Jude and St. Anthony and are $2.00. They burn for one day.

Votive Candle Donations

We are asking parishioners to please remember to place your donations in the donation slot when lighting votive candles for your prayer intentions. Unfortunately, due to the lack of payments, candle expenses are not being covered. By doing this, we can help defray the cost of candles in the parish. Everyone’s cooperation is greatly appreciated.

2016 Contributions Statement

If you would like to have a copy of your 2015 Statement of Contributions mailed to you, please call the office at 369-3816 to request one.

Give Online

Online giving is an easy way to support St. Peter’s Parish.

Sanctuary Candle Memorials

Sanctuary Candle MemorialThe Sanctuary Candles located in the church and the adoration chapel can burn for a selected week in memory of a loved one. The donation for each memorial request is $25.00 for the week. These memorial requests will be published in the bulletin.

To request the memorial, please visit the Parish Office during regular office hours.

Weekend of December 31, 2017

  • Weekend Offertory $19,228.55
  • Children’s Collection $42.00
  • St. Peter’s Church Maintenance $125.00
  • C.H.S. Subsidy $37.00
  • Property & Liability Insurance $10.00
  • Solemnity of Mary $5.00
  • Utilities $25.00
  • School of Religion $33.00
  • Immaculate Conception $25.00
  • Christmas Offering $215.00
  • Property Purchase $20.00
  • Christmas Catholic Charities $44.00
  • Total Collected: $19,814.55

Weekend of January 7, 2018

  • Weekend Offertory $13,229.34
  • Children’s Collection $31.00
  • St. Peter’s Church Maintenance $3,119.15
  • C.H.S. Subsidy $10.00
  • Property & Liability Insurance $65.00
  • Utilities $30.00
  • School of Religion $5.00
  • Solemnity of Mary $270.00
  • Christmas Catholic Charities $15.00
  • Christmas Offering $40.00
  • Total Collected: $16,814.49


Contributions to Charities Outside St. Peter’s Church

  • Bishop’s Service Appeal $10.00
  • B lack & Indian Missions 5.00
  • Campaign for Human Development $5.00
  • Catholic Relief Services $10.00
  • St. Peter’s Cemetery Endowment $5.00


Second Collections

Jan. 20th & 21st
Property & Liability Insurance