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Weekly Votive Candle Memorials

Weekly Votive Candle Memorials

St. Peter’s Parish offers the opportunity to our parishioners to have a candle burning in church each week for an entire year for your special intentions. These intentions may be for your living or deceased loved ones, a special private intention or in thanksgiving for graces received. These candles are replaced each week by a group of volunteers. The donation for this service to cover the expenses of the candles is $260/year. This is equivalent to $5/week. If you are interested in this offer, please contact Mrs. Eileen Boudoin, our parish bookkeeper, at the parish office to make arrangement to begin this service.

In addition, Fr. Blanda has requested that a memorial candle burn each week for the deceased pastors and deacons of our parish. If anyone would like to contribute to the expense of this special votive, you can bring your donation to the parish office or place it in an envelope clearly marked for this purpose and include it in the Sunday collection. If we collect more than the $260 needed for this votive candle, the remaining amount will roll over to next year’s program.

Finance Advisory Committee

The Finance Advisory Committee meets on the third Thursday of each month. At each of the council meetings the members receive reports such as the parish balance sheet as well as income and expense statements. This allows us to better monitor the yearly parish budget. The members have the opportunity to ask questions to the Pastor and the parish Bookkeeper regarding areas of financial management. This committee plays a tremendous role in assisting the Pastor in providing sound financial management of the parish. We always strive to be good stewards of the contributions of the financial resources entrusted to our care. In the month of March, the committee will be specifically working with the Pastor and Bookkeeper in planning for the budget for the next fiscal year. Currently the members are individuals who have an expertise in banking, investing, accounting and business. The two parish Trustees and the parish Deacons are ex-officio members of the Parish Finance Advisory Council.

Appointment of Fr. Blanda as Chancellor of Hanson Memorial and St. John in Franklin

Effective February 20, 2019, Fr. Blanda was appointed Chancellor of Hanson Memorial School and St. John Elementary School in Franklin. This appointment will expire on July 1, 2019. This appointment is in addition to his duties as Pastor of St. Peter Parish, Chancellor of Catholic High as Dean of the South Deanery.

Desiring to be Good Stewards of Parish Resources

Since Deacon Cannon has come to St. Peter’s and has taken on the role of being the business manager of our parish, I have asked him to work closely with me in re-evaluating our purchasing, contracts and maintenance schedules for our operations. Even though the Church is first and foremost the Mystical Body of Christ divinely established by Our Blessed Lord to lead souls to heaven, She exist and operates in the world. A financially solvent parish is one that operates with the best of Christian valued business practices. In light of this reality, we are currently examining the business part of our operations, where money can be saved and resources managed even more responsibly. We owe this to our parishioners because I have pledged to you upon my arrival here at St. Peter’s over four years ago that I would do my best to manage our parish responsibly. Our staff strives to be the best stewards that we can be in managing all that comes to us through the generous contributions of our parishioners.

In the month of March, we begin the process of generating the parish budget for the next fiscal year which begins in July. The Finance Committee will be working with Deacon Cannon and our bookkeeper, Eileen Boudoin, and myself to plan for the new fiscal year. As this process will begin soon, I ask your prayers for us that the Holy Spirit will guide and direct us to be good and faithful stewards of the Church’s resources.

Fr. Blanda

Church Sound System

Over the last few weeks you have probably experienced a periodic screeching sound coming from our church sound system. The technicians have looked at the system thoroughly. It has been determined that the system is very much outdated and not recommended to attempt significant repair. We will need to be looking at purchasing a new sound system in the near future. The cost of a new up-to-date system will be around $8500. Fr. Blanda would like to start putting funds aside for this purchase. If anyone would like to donate to this project, you may send your contribution to the parish office. The money will be put into savings until we generate sufficient funds to move ahead with this project.


New Rectory Windows — A Positive Effect

Since the completion of the project in which we installed 56 new windows to the parish rectory, we have received many compliments as to the visual appearance of the rectory building. That feedback is much appreciated. In addition to what is seen, I wanted to update the parishioners as to how much of a difference it has made inside the building. Since the new windows have been installed, I have been able to run the air conditioners at 73 degrees and the heater at 65 degrees with great comfort in the house. Prior to the replacement of the windows the thermostats had to be put on 67 degrees on the warmer days and 69 degrees for heat. The old windows were pulling in so much moisture from outside. In addition to the temperature settings, the house is so much quieter. I am certain that utility bills will reflect the efficiency of these new windows.

You have made this project possible by your contributions to the Centennial Capital Campaign. I look forward to the next project to begin as Campaign pledges continue to be fulfilled. The church roof needs attention and repair. The roof project is the next priority on our list of projects slated to be accomplished in the scope of our Capital Campaign. Thank you for your continued generosity.

New Rectory Windows