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Building Our Future Together

To mark the centennial of the foundation of the Diocese of Lafayette, a milestone project has been undertaken by means of the Diocesan Capital Campaign. The campaign is a multi-faceted approach to support the following: seminarian education, Catholic Student Centers at LSUE & UL of L, outreach services, and care for retired clergy and religious. In addition to this, St. Peter’s parish has joined in the campaign for major parish deferred maintenance issues such as: repair of the church roof, updating of rectory electrical wiring, as well as installation of energy efficient windows and needed preventive maintenance on the structures of the parish. Also, in the St. Peter’s parish case is the retirement of all current parish debt. This case statement total over $1.6 million.

The parish goal for the campaign is $2.3 Million with $619,500 of the goal for our portion to the Diocesan Capital Campaign. You can see in the following column the progress of the campaign in our parish. We kindly ask that if you have not had an opportunity of pledge, please consider taking part in this campaign. Any amount is greatly appreciated and will help to continue the fruitful works of the Diocese of Lafayette and St. Peter’s Parish.