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Director of Altar Servers

Fr. Alexander Albert

Fr. Alexander Albert,
Parochial Vicar

Coordinator of Altar Servers

Come, See, Serve

Altar Servers - Come, See, Serve

St. Peter’s is now recruiting new altar servers. If your child is in the 4th grade or higher and would like to become an altar server, please come to the parent meeting Thursday, February 22nd in the Parish Office Conference Room at 6:00 pm. The training for new servers will take place Saturday, February 24th at 9:00 am in the Church. 


Please note:

  • Welcome back to Sebastian Breck, who is re-joining our altar server 6:00 pm Mass team. Sebastian will be serving with his two younger brothers, AJ & Brady, and Jake Judice.
  • Thank you to the 27 servers who attended our Winter Break outing to Elevation Station on January 2nd!  It was a really fun time! Also, thank you to the adult chaperones, to Fr. Blanda and Fr. Albert for allowing us to take this trip and for Fr. Albert coming along with us and always being so competitive and fun!!!!!!
  • Please join us for the Jan. 20th Pro Life Rally and March in Lafayette. St. Peter’s has two buses going, so if you’d like to come with the Confirmation class and Youth Group, please let me know!!  For more info, see the flier attached to the schedule.
  • As the Christmas season comes to a close tomorrow and we switch to Ordinary Time again, we wish all of you the spirit of Christmas throughout this entire new year along with many blessings and graces from the Lord!!  Thank you again for all of your effort in this ministry – keep up the great work.

Angela Viator, Youth Group

January Altar Server Schedule

Pro-Life Activities

Winter Break Outing

St. Peter’s Altar Servers’ winter break outing was a blast at Elevation Station this week! What a great group of kids....and competitive too! The favorite game was knocking each other off of the sparring beam.... pretty sure Father Albert won!

Altar Servers Winter Break Outing to Elevation Station